Our Path Starts Now

Anybody else keep telling themselves one day I will be able to do... whatever? Yeah, me too! Well after being tired of constantly being overworked and exhausted and yet still struggling every month I have decided that enough is enough. Well my Friends... today is the day! Do I have more money than last month or even last year? No! Nope! Nada! But after listening to many audio books of smarter people than myself I have decided to start my path NOW. Delegate they say. Well I can do that I love delegating tasks out. I don't know about you all but house keeping in my house is a continuously annoying task that never ends.. So it all started with some smart friends and siblings and hiring a part time house keeper. And we will build it from here! Stick around with us as we walk down this new path! A special thank you to my brother and sister, Bryant and Tiffany, my friends, Rai and Kayla, and my husband, Ethan. You guys are amazing!