Hello Team!!!!

Ashley Ward Owner of The Grey Space. Ashley has a family consisting of her husband Ethan and her daughter, Keira. After years of factory work and not using her college degrees Ashley gave up on finding the right time to open up a business. She decided to go ahead and go for it now. We make money Now not later. So we hope that you all continue to support the growth of our new company.

Tiffany Dawson Hicks Personal Assistant at The Grey Space. Tiffany has a beautiful family consisting of her husband, Jorrdon, and her three gorgeous babies. Tiffany serves us in a virtual capacity so that she can be the best mommy that she possibly can while also bringing in revenue. Way to hustle Mommy!!

Rai Richardson Manager of The Grey Space. Rai has a gorgeous family. Wife, Jamilla, and 2 handsome boys. This wonderful man has stepped in and used his business managing skills in the best way possible. This is his forte! Way to rock Rai!!!

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